1985 saw the start of a new era, when regional hospitals that up to this point were publicly managed were merged into a new association organized under private law – the Styrian Hospitals Limited Liability Company (abbreviated KAGes for Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft m.b.H.) that is wholly owned by the Federal State of Styria.

Pioneer in the health care system

This allowed securing the existing medical standard and its further development. The implementation of top modern management methods created ideal conditions for an increased profitability in the operation and development of the hospitals. With this “privatization of public hospitals”, Styria – as a pioneer – set a new standard in the national health care system and became the role model for many other federal states. Thus one of the largest companies managed under private law and the largest employer in Styria came into being.

Core task

KAGes is a non-profit organization that promotes the public welfare. Its organizational core task is the construction and operation as well as the management of regional hospitals in the Federal State of Styria. The regional hospitals offer patients seeking help high quality 24/7 medical and nursing services throughout the region.

KAGes is Austria’s pioneer in disability employment

Probably no other major public enterprise in Austria has been able to set as many disability impulses at company level in the last fifteen years as the KAGES. With around 1,800 disabled employees, the statutory standard value for employment is exceeded by around 1,000.

The great appreciation for people with disabilities not only includes the successful integration of disabled employees, but also the handling of patients with disabilities. For years, all conversions, new buildings and new buildings have been specially designed and implemented for disabled-friendly operation. Infinite showers, ramps and lifts with special language modules as well as signage with Braille are now indispensable standard equipment for KAGes construction projects and offer older and disabled people a higher degree of mobility or orientation.

Particularly in the employment of people with disabilities, the KAGes has been able to set many Styrian entrepreneurial disability impulses in recent years. Projects such as the “non-profit workforce hiring for disabled people”, the women’s project SITAF clearly bear the KAGes signature and have also received honorable recognition awards.

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