With 10,105 stores in 34 countries, Carrefour is a major player in global retail with strong roots in its local communities. Currently operating in mainland France and its overseas territories, and in Europe, Latin America, Asia, as well as in North Africa and the Middle East, the Group relies on a network of integrated and franchised stores, along with the stores it runs with local partners. For Carrefour, being multilocal also means developing a selection of products and services specific to the region in which each store operates, tailored to fit the needs and profile of its customers. The teams form partnerships with local producers, hold sales events, recruit staff and contribute to economic, environmental and social projects at the local level. In the eyes of Carrefour, this is the purpose and benefit of a multi-local approach: stores that are close to their customers, committed with local stakeholders and working to develop territories, with the support, logistics, and power of an inter – national retail Group.

A few years ago, from the Human Resources Department, we decided to work together with the Directorate of Selection and Development and the Carrefour Solidarity Foundation, in order to correctly develop the integration policies in Carrefour of persons with disabilities, within our Corporate Social Responsibility.

The reflection of society in our collaborators, as an accelerating lever of transformation and contribution of value and wealth of plurality to respond in a much more effective way to the demands of our customers.

Collaboration with the most important Disability Partners in Spain: Inserta-Once Foundation, Integra Foundation, Exit Foundation, Iter Foundation and more than 100 Local Entities, is our commitment to the local environment. With the partners we collaborate to work with people with functional diversity.

ALI was developed as a way to support the inclusion of people with disabilities and people at risk of social exclusion. ALI seeks to create a work environment that best represents both the composition of society and the needs of its clients. The recruitment process does not differentiate between people with or without disabilities, but looks at the most appropriate position within the company for each individual.

ALI is behind non-differentiation, non-discrimination and plurality in the workplace. At present, about 860 people with disabilities have been hired under the program.

Some of the workplaces are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. This was seen as a new opportunity and in 2013 Carrefour opened the first fully accessible wheelchair shop.

Carrefour ensures the compatibility between the disability and the requirements of the job, and carries out, if necessary, the material and organizational planning of the job.

ALI favors non-discriminatory working conditions, as well as stable employment contracts. We help our employees build their future, based on the principles of non-discrimination, in order to ensure equitable access to employment opportunities, without making any distinction in working conditions.

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