The Vite Vere Down Cooperative Associazione Down Autismo e Disabilità Intellettiva – D.A.D.I. – ONLUS born from the great experience of the Association Down Autism and Intellectual Disabilities – Onlus to expand and consolidate its innovative mission, that is to build that Project of Life that allows each person with Intellectual Disability to live a life as autonomous as possible, both from the point of view occupational, that habitative and emotional-relational: a true life!

The Down Dadi Association began its activity in 1985, and today is a structured organization with 10 professionals (including psychologists and pedagogists) who support the activities of about 300 children and teenagers.

These activities are carried out in 7 different structures. Integrated center whose objective is the support of all children and their families in the first delicate phases of growth and development.

The Vite Vere Down Dadi Cooperative, thanks to a team of 10 professional employees (including psychologists and pedagogists) and as many external collaborators, proposes to dozens of young people autonomy paths, creative workshops and various activities of Theater and Music.

Many appearances in the main national television programs, including Le Iene, Maurizio Costanzo show, Pomeriggio Cinque, in which our pioneering role in the autonomy of our children was highlighted.

There are many companies and organizations that support the work of the Cooperative. Also thanks to the help of this network of partners, the Cooperative today is able to offer excellent services to families, and can aim to improve its quality more and more; but so much must be done to welcome other children and contribute to the well-being of people.

In 2017 the Vite Vere Down D.A.D.I. Foundation was founded, with the task of raising funds to support the Cooperative Projects.

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