Polis Nova

Founded in Padua in 1985, Polis Nova offers educational and rehabilitation programs to people with mental disorders and cognitive impairments to promote social integration, increase independence and permit insertion in the labor market. 
There are more than 100 people in our facilities. Starting from their individual needs, we set up specific programs that, through work, recreational and relational activities can help develop personal skills and potentialities.

Access to the services is covered by the National Healthcare Service (Local Heath Unit 16); these are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified services.

To know more about Polis Nova services, read our services charter.


We have set up a few projects to include everyday life in daycare centers:

Tempo Libero: throughout the year we organize events to promote social integration and get people involved in everyday life situations, like monthly trips, summer trips, dinners at pizzerias, going to the theatre/cinema and going to concerts. Participants build positive relationships among each other, but also with caregivers and volunteers.

Mosaico News: residents of the facilities work on a news magazine, with the help of the caregivers, in which they talk about their everyday life in the facilities. This allows us to understand their ideas, potential and opinions. It is available in both hard copy and pdf format.

Spettacoliamo: theatre and dance activities make it possible to develop creativity, expressiveness, self-realisation and self-awareness. Participants share the will to perform originally, playing an active role.

Fuori di Campo: in the farm located in Via Due Palazzi we have set up an organic farming project. Rehabilitation activities here include working in the field as well as helping operators in the shop.


Our services and assistance are addressed to partially self-sufficient or non self-sufficient people and provide individual programs focused on the recovery and improvement of personal skills and self-containment. The customized disability assistance plan can deal with every aspect of the person (concerning relationships, ability to express oneself, working aspects) and aims to achieve social insertion and job placement. Residents can find a range of services suitable to their needs in daycare centers and care homes.


Starting from the analysis of the rehabilitation potential and individual skills, we create personal programs to help reduce mental illness limitations. The synergy among the different associations of the Gruppo Polis allows us to optimize the resources and produce an actual rehabilitation-chain: an innovative and complex program meant to rehabilitate people with psychiatric disorders, that confronts itself with the problem of the protection of mental health as a whole, also through the help of public services. Our offers represent progressive steps for our residents, who are in the way of regaining a social role.


The pain, economic difficulties and loneliness affecting some women victims of violence, exploitation and abandonment, have a considerable impact on our territory as well. This is why the Polis Group has been taking care of them through the Women Victims of Violence project.

For all this time, many companies in Padua, in the region and some companies at a national level have supported events promoted by the Polis group, that raised funds to provide protection, social and job assistance to the women in our facilities. Important companies that put into practice the concept of social commitment and do not only want to be the best in their fields, but also want to support social activities and the people in need of help, which produces positive consequences for all citizens. We are proud of having cooperated with them and of sharing a deep mutual respect for each other.

We established with some of these companies – the ones that have always supported us – long-lasting relationships, not strictly related to specific events, to support these women every day. This is how the project INSIEME, DALLA PARTE DELLE DONNE (Together, on the side of women) was launched. Some companies help the women in our facilities by giving their contribution to partially cover the costs for: purchase of materials, professional services provided by outreach workers and psychologists, payment of rents and awareness-raising initiatives.

All those companies that are genuinely interested in showing continual support in the initiative and whose company policy supports women in working environments and allows them to reconcile their work with their family life, can become partners of the project INSIEME, DALLA PARTE DELLE DONNE.

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