ZIP Kindergarten

The ZIP Kindergarten “Consorzio Zona Industriale e Porto Fluviale di Padova“ is an economic public body, founded in 1956, of which the Municipality, the Province and the Chamber of Commerce are equal partners.

It was created with the aim of acting as a “wheel” for the local economy, creating adequate infrastructures and offering services to facilitate the establishment of businesses.

Over the years the objectives have gradually become more ambitious and today the Zip Consortium is increasingly aiming at enhancing the industrial area by accompanying and stimulating the development of companies, offering new services and new opportunities to the territory in which they operate.

The acquisition of experience over many decades allows the Zip Consortium to present itself on the global market economy, for the design and realization, “full service”, the industrial areas both in Italy and abroad, with particular attention to the balance environmental between industrial production and surrounding territory.

In its Statute, the purposes of the Consortium are defined in art.2:

Organize (also promoting and fostering any public and private initiatives) the implementation of the industrial and port area of Padua through the expropriation or acquisition of the properties located in the industrial and port area as resulting from the provisions of law, also resolving the purchase of properties located outside the district, which are particularly useful and interesting for the development of the industrial and port area, and to promote and take care of the study and execution of public works necessary for the establishment of technically organized industrial, commercial and artisan companies and for the functionality of the industrial and port area.

Additionally take care of the administration of consortium assets and carry out any other activity that may be useful to the interests of the industrial and port area in relation to the efficiency of the area; moreover to associate with other entities having similar purposes and interest for the Consortium, for the achievement of common purposes; participate in initiatives with public administrations, public bodies and other subjects for the design, implementation and management of areas of industrial activities and technological science parks, within the community, including through the provision of advisory services, being able to resort to the establishment of limited company.

It may also take similar initiatives in countries outside the European Union after obtaining the opinion of the founding bodies; participate in agreement with the Province of Padua to the activities referred to in art. 14 and art. 15 letters a and b of the 2 comma, of the law 8/6/90, n. 142; to promote, within the industrial aggregates equipped by the Consortium, the necessary conditions for the creation and development of productive activities in the sectors of industry and crafts and services, realizing and managing in this framework, also in collaboration with business associations , industrial, craft and trade infrastructures, rustic and industrial, real services to businesses, initiatives for the orientation and professional training of workers, middle managers and middle managers and young entrepreneurs, and any other social service connected to industrial, artisanal and commercial production; also participate in land and real estate development companies in all the initiatives connected with the application of law no. 317/1991 and related regulations.

The consortium, without prejudice to its autonomy exercise of the functions mentioned above, and its nature as a public economic entity, is inspired by the provisions on territorial and economic planning in the Veneto Region.

For the purposes contemplated in this article, the Consortium can acquire properties also outside the district.

Within this broad framework ZIP has developed a series of initiatives for its employees; especially aimed to family support. One of this is the Kindergarten project, and in specific, a kindergarten open to people, with different kinds of accessibility issues as school should not be a mere container, but a real building organism able to support the evolutionary process and to contribute to the development of the child’s sensibility becoming itself an instrument of communication and therefore of knowledge for those who use it.

This is done through recreational and training activities suitable for everyone, aimed at raising awareness through play and breaking down of barriers of different kinds: social, cultural, physical / intellectual.

Zip Also plays big attention to citizens and their needs. The aim is not to identify a single “model” of a citizen but rather to bring together and unite different realities within the citizenship. An example is the parent-worker who needs a structure next to its the workplace that can fully satisfy the needs of the parent and the child. This also includes the approach to children who are carriers of disabilities of various kinds.

Last but not least accessibility to facilities: the ZIP Kindergarten facility is made to the measure of children and is characterized by high accessibility and comfort level for everyone.

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