Representative indicates that the company is proud of their strategies and initiatives on providing projects and solutions for disabled people through their projects & programs for instance, “No Barriers”, in 3 main headings: Employment for the disabled, Social Responsibility Projects, and Product and Services for Special Needs.

Employment for the Disabled: Legislation in Turkey force corporations with %3 people with disability employment. The Turkcell Group Companies employ 500 disabled individuals ( %50 of employees) within the Turkcell call center structure. The company offers equal career development opportunities handicapped friendly offices, services and transportation assistance.

Social Responsibility Projects: “Enabled Through Education” under charge of the Ministry of Education to increase the skills of disabled children and Within two years, ten thousand students will be reached by the Turkcell Enabled Through Education. In vocational workshops to be established in 45 Special Education Centers, and Computer and technology classrooms will be set up in 35 schools to help students develop towards employment and expand their opportunities through technology training.

“No Barriers Academy “ Turkcell provides education opportunities for both vision and hearing impaired individuals through cooperation with the Turkish Federation of the Hearing Impaired.

“Turkcell – YGA My Dream Partner Workshops Leadership Training Program” is a leadership program in which sight impaired middle school students are identified and raised as role model disabled individuals. Turkcell No Barriers Education Programs are identified every year and attend the 10 week training program in the Dream Partner Training Program Workshops. During this 10 week training program subjects such as Creative drama, Lego Workshop, Personal Care and Independent Action sessions supplement the 10 week program to comprise the workshop process for sight impaired students.

“The Dialogue in the Dark” exhibit, which helps participants get a better understanding of what daily life is like for the vision impaired, is helping to remove barriers with Turkcell’s support and the support provided by Turkcell to the Vision Impaired Sports Federation. The Dialogue in the Dark exhibit, which has hosted over 8 million visitors in 32 countries and 135 cities to date, is enhancing its content with Turkcell’s support and in the meantime contributing to the employment of disabled individuals.

“This Match Can Be Played with Your Eyes Close” The support provided by Turkcell to the Vision Impaired Sports Federation moves into a whole new dimension in the scope of the exhibit. The newly added “take a shot in the dark” section and the first in the world “Turkcell-This Match Can be Played with Your Eyes Closed” area make it possible for participants to experience firsthand what it is like to play football without seeing. Those who wish to, can watch the match from the stands outside. Special tournaments are planned in the activity area to be played between universities in the future. A portion of the revenue from this section will be donated to the Vision Impaired Sports Federation.

Products and Services for Special Needs: “Turkcell Dream Partner” service, which aims to help our handicapped subscribers to get news, books astrology, exchange rates, weather and many educational programs that, will help them integrate with social life in sound free of charge via IVR or apps.

“Where am I Spupport Service” and “Handicap Friendly Stores”

Turkcell has developed to provide services in sign language is provided to disabled Turkcell subscribers to get a sound recording about their location, and information about the stores and products.

“A Visual Call Center For the Hearing Impaired”

The Visual Customer Service that Turkcell has developed to provide services in sign language is provided to disabled Turkcell subscribers free of charge.

Additionally, the company empowers their managers on special needs such as attending trainees on Workplace innovation and support tools for people with disabilities, which is relate to his job. He would like to learn sign language too.

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