Certification program SystemCERT

The certification of our training course is carried out by the accredited certification authority SystemCERT, which offers services for both organizations and individuals. This certification program and the associated certification procedure meet the requirements of ISO 17024. The certification is assigned to the accredited area. The certificates issued on the basis of the normatively defined criteria have the character of a proof of qualification which is not formally recognised. The scope of application refers to the knowledge, skills and competences confirmed by the certificate. Any assignments to the EQF’s or NQF’s level that are given result from a self-assessment by interested parties or the steering group. The certification body endeavours to assign non-formal qualifications in connection with certification programmes to the national qualification framework. This is expected to take place at the end of 2018. Strict compliance with the normative requirements of ISO 17024 with regard to the certification procedure results in a high degree of transparency, expressiveness, impartiality and objectivity in comparison to other proofs of qualification of the formal and non-formal education system.

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