1st Newsletter

Why Workplace Inclusion 4.0?

Workplace Inclusion means to build up a workplace culture that builds respect, fosters inclusiveness, promotes diversity and embraces the unique skills and qualities of all employees of a company. Workplace Inclusion encompasses many positive aspects of life. It is about acknowledging the diverse skills and perspectives that people may bring to the workplace because of their cultural background or their disability.

The aim is to remove barriers to ensure all employees enjoy full participation in a workplace which supports the development and achievement of well informed and culturally appropriate business outcomes. It also involves recognizing the value of individual differences and managing them in the workplace.

Main outputs of the project

In the project WI4.0, the following activities are conducted:

1) Survey of the current status quo of WI4.0 in different companies.

2) Collecting best practice examples from different regions

3) Development of teaching and learning materials for the training course  WI4.0

4) Implementation of the training course in all five partner countries

5) Participants can additionally receive a certificate after completing the training course

The main result of the project is a comprehensive training which enables the participants to improve the work situation for people with disabilities. The awareness of the topic should be consistently raised and the participants can additionally receive a certificate of the completed training course. The WI4.0 training is also suitable for people with disabilities, so that they can create better working situations as “experts for their own case”. The training course corresponds to the national implementation within the framework of the European Qualifications Framework.

Kick-off Meeting

On the 29th and 30th of of November 2017 a kick-off meeting was helt at the FH JOANNEUM in Kapfenberg. All partners took part at this event, where the so called “big project picture” was formed. Beside project management issues a deep discussions on the content and the foreseen training course was carried out and all partners underlined again to work strongly on the project.

Kick-Off Meeting in Kapfenberg

Study on Accessibility

A first task in the project is to make a survey of the current status quo of the topic accessibility in different European regions. In order to do that, an online questionnaire was sent out and now we are in the phase of evaluating the feedbacks which we got from the companies. Furthermore also interviews with companies were done in each region which had the aim, to get more into detail concenring the needs of the companies towards accessibility.

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