3rd Newsletter

Overview on the modules

The training course of WI4.0 consists on the following modules:

Sensitization: Awareness of the different kinds of disability is very important to understand why accessibility is so complex.

Web Accessibility: This module addresses the problem which people especially disabilities can have by using a website.

Sign Language: The goal of this module is, to understand the difficulties of sign language and the accompanying methods to produce information in sign language.

Website Usability: The goal of this part is the optimization of the presentation and of the input for mobile devices.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure module comprises structural and related legal measures to create suitable work places for people with disabilities.

Workplace Innovation and supporting tools for disabled people: This module will cover the organizational Innovation.

Learning difficulties: This module sheds light on how corporations and specialists can take a person centric approach to designing services, organizations and educational programs to accommodate people with learning difficulties.

Legal aspects: The presentation in the legal module will comprise international, EU and national provisions with particular importance for disabled People.

Meeting Padua

On the 11th and 12th of December 2018 a meeting was helt at Fenice Fondazione in Padova/ Italy, where especially the peer reviewing of the modules was discussed an dteh test training swere planed.

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