Study on Accessibility

The analysis provides an overview of the current situation on workplace inclusion in the partner countries and should be a useful back-up to develop respective training courses.

The content of the training course is online with the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020. The objectives of the strategy are accessibility, participation, equality, employment, education and training, social protection, health, external action. The analysis revealed the following course content: raising awareness of disability, web accessibility, sign language, infrastructural measures on disability, people with learning disabilities, and legal aspects. The results show that more than half of the respondents (51.56%) indicate that raising awareness might be the most important topic whereas sign language (30.4%). might be the least important topic

Finally, and most notably, the results of the analysis indicate that raising awareness is the most crucial tool for workplace inclusion.

Overview on the modules

The training course of WI4.0 consists on the following modules:

Sensitization: Awareness of the different kinds of disability is very important to understand why accessibility is so complex.

Web Accessibility: This module addresses the problem which people especially disabilities can have by using a website.

Sign Language: The goal of this module is, to understand the difficulties of sign language and the accompanying methods to produce information in sign language.

Website Usability: The goal of this part is the optimization of the presentation and of the input for mobile devices.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure module comprises structural and related legal measures to create suitable work places for people with disabilities

Workplace Innovation and supporting tools for disabled people: This module will cover the organizational innovation

Learning difficulties: This module sheds light on how corporations and specialists can take a person centric approach to designing services, organizations and educational programs to accommodate people with learning difficulties

Legal aspects: The presentation in the legal module will comprise international, EU and national provisions with particular importance for disabled people.

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